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 : Room 08, 19th Floor, Building 9, Guanggu Headquarters International, 62 Guanggu Avenue, East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
 : +86-13554293370
 : +86-(0)2787635567
 : info@hescare.com


Green artificial turf suppliers have created and produced lawns for a variety of different uses. We offer artificial turf for different fields. We are committed to providing the widest range of the best artificial grass systems and leading applications for ecologically responsible sports and landscape distribution of artificial turf. Green artificial turf supplier products have been installed for a total volume of 2.86 million square meters in more than 32 countries.

Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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  #9-1908, Guanggu Headquarters International, No. 62 Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, China
  +86-13554293370
  +86-(0)2787635567
  info@hescare.com
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