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  • How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

    Does the monochrome of chocolate always make you want you to add a pattern to it? Or you may run a dessert industry and want to sell chocolates with colorful patterns or brand logo. Even you just want to decorate your own chocolate as a kind of interesting experience from home. No matter what your i

  • Decorative film brings new opportunities to the baking industry

    The new edible film developed by Haigia, edible sugar paper, chocolate transfer film, in line with food safety production standards, with FDA certification and third-party testing reports, safe and secure.

  • Cake decoration film, opening a new era of food beauty

    With the rapid development of the economy, the Chinese have a hunger-and-taste aesthetic. How many products and designs that “can’t bear to look straight” are ruining our lives. The esthetician Zhang Shiying said: "Life has four realms: wanting the realm, seeking knowledge, moral realm, and aesthetic realm. Aesthetics is the highest realm."

  • Edible film printing consumables guide, make high-value food more fun

    The leader of edible printing consumables makes the high-value food more fun. The current consumption characteristics are personalized, customized, and high-value. The business characteristics of the company are improved from the taste, the appearance is improved, and the product story is improved. Sales channels from terminal retail, online e-commerce to current video sales, new marketing methods are changing with each passing day.

  • An edible film that can be eaten, a cupcake cake decorative film

    The edible packaging film we are talking about is a kind of natural edible biomacromolecules as the main matrix, supplemented by food additives, etc., through a certain treatment process, the interaction between the film-forming agent molecules and after drying A dense film with a certain mechanical properties and a porous network structure selected for permeability.

  • New edible film material, starry lollipop cosmic abbreviator

    The environment is the foundation upon which we and all living things in nature depend. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every enterprise and every citizen to protect the earth, maintain the ecology and protect the environment. In order to improve food safety and reduce environmental pollution, Haiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed a series of edible hydrophilic membranes, edible hydrophobic membranes, edible functional composite packaging membranes, etc. The food industry provides a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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