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Icing paper

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Edible film made of edible materials such as pullulan, starch, and the like. Including plain film and color film, it provides print cutting service. Mainly used for personalized custom of starry lollipops, photo sugar, chocolate, etc., adding colorful creative patterns to the products and increasing the added value of the products.


  • Suitable for starry lollipops, cakes, photo sugar, beverage decorative films, etc.

  • Can be printed with color ink film with edible ink or ink.

  • Ingredients are edible materials, easy to enter, safe and healthy

  • Good flexibility, not easy to roll

  • Meet food safety related standards, provide food production license, FDA registration certificate, third party test report

  • Selected domestic and foreign famous brand raw materials, advanced production technology, stable and reliable product quality

Technical Parameters:


Transparent, translucent film, all white, color


Standard A4 size or package

Main raw materials

Polysaccharides, starch, water, etc.


Store at room temperature, keep sealed, shading


Use in time after opening, bag sealing (from the date of production, the shelf life is 12 months)

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