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Natural Edible Ink

It's a safer choice that the inkjet printing of food with natural edible ink. It certified by FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal standards. It is safe to make edible food decorations and eat.

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Product Description:

It's a safer choice that the inkjet printing with natural edible ink, to meets the customized and individual food decorating needs of customers.

Main Applications: 

Natural food coloring edible ink can be used for 
coffee latte, milk tea, macaron, Egg, tea milk, biscuit, pizza, macaron, ice cream surface art printing. Edible ink can be refilled ink cartridges, and then printed by the print head of EPSON, CANON and other brand. So you can make edible prints on cake, art latte coffee, funny ice cream, and DIY print on other food.


Natural edible ink 100ml


Natural edible ink 500ml

Main Technical Details

1. Use to print photo cake, cookie, pastry, candy, coffee, etc.;
2.Compatible with HP, Canon, Epson, A3/A4 desktop flatbed food printers, speed industrial food printer and other 

inkjet printing equipment;
3. After 0.22μm efficient filtration, the printing is smooth and the sprinkler is not blocked;
4. The ink cost is low and able to print 200 sheets of A4 paper per 100ml;
5. The edible ink is natural food coloring, brightly colored, restoring the color image of nature;
6. Complies with food relative standard. We can offer FDA, third-party test report and food production licence.



1. Shake well before use.

2. The period of validity is 12 months.

3. In order to avoid the influence caused by mixture of different oil, the equipment should be cleaned before using.

4. The equipment should be cleaned if it was turned off for a long time.


1. Sealed, keep in the cool and dry conditions, keep away from fire and heat source
2.Storage the ink in plastic buckets. In case of rust, avoid using the steel container.
3. Place in 5-35℃ dry warehouse, with well ventilated, no mouse and flies.
4. Do not put it in the open air and keep away from chemicals hazardous substance.

Packaging and Shipping:

Standard Packing: C M Y K Lc Lm*100ml/500ml per set, and each set is 600ml/3000ml. 

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