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  Room 08, 19th Floor, Building 9, Guanggu Headquarters International, 62 Guanggu Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan
  • We're Unleashing Baking Awesomeness at the International Baking Expo and You're Invited!

    Sino Joinsun™ will attend IBA2023 expo from 22 Oct. to 26 Oct., at Fairground Munich in Munich, Germany. We extends a warm invitation to all attendees to visit our booth which is C2.430.

  • Together with the most authoritative media in China, we focus on food printing ink to create creative food

    We have edible ink on display this time. Edible ink can be printed on pastry, ice cream, mashmallow and other food surface, can print creative patterns, all ingredients can be edible, after printing can be eaten together with food, safe and healthy, is to help you complete the food creativity, provide you with an important tool for customization.

  • Dragon Boat Festival | "reed" enjoy warmth, Hescare holiday gifts warm and go heart

    Different from the traditional Dragon Boat Festival dumplings and salted duck eggs, this time we have a unique gift box for all staff. We have specially selected a range of fresh and varied fruit varieties to suit different tastes. These fruits not only taste delicious, but also contain a variety of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants to provide employees with a full range of nutrition. In the hot summer season, it can also bring a little cool. We hope that through this fruit gift, we can convey the concern for health to every employee, so that you can pay attention to your health in the busy work.

  • Edible Markers Open Your Wings of Imagination

    You ever think about painting some patterns or just some meaningless free lines on your favorite food and still eat it? That is amazing, isn' t it? Just like you create your exclusive food by your hands, finishing a design belong to yourself.That’s really achievable if you use our edible pens. They Especially, if you have children home, an edible marker is also a great solution for them to graffiti in their spare time and inspire the perception in creating, designing, innovating and brainstorming. In addition, due to it is edible, you do no need to worry security problem. It can be used for sugar frosting biscuit, macaron, cookie and other food, also for paper tableware.

  • Drink topper, a secret weapon to help tea drinking companies sell up

    Drink topper, also known as beverage decoration tablet, prints edible patterns on the candy film, which can be used for coffee, milk tea, milk, juice, beer and other drinks to add a full sense of ritual to the drink. The creativity and diversity of Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology are all based on sustainable development and food safety. The beverage drink topper we launched provide a new track for various tea light food enterprises to optimize product iteration and increase sales: the collision of beverage drink topper and drinks can satisfy consumers' infinite imagination of drinks and stimulate purchasing behavior. In terms of types, the color of the beverage float lets people pick the eye, there are brilliant colorful "petals", it seems to have a thick flower aroma, and the mood also follows the colorful; With the cool fashion elements of Generation Z, holding a glass with a drink float, chasing a tide party and becoming the focus of the crowd; There are all kinds of celebration

  • Children's Day | Hescare Sends Holiday Exclusive Benefits

    Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology cares for employees' children, send them their own thoughts, create a happy atmosphere of activities, while sharing the glory of the enterprise but also left a precious and good time.Family is the harbor of accumulated strength forward, enterprise is the guarantee of family happiness and warmth. This activity is to build a warm bridge of care and care for our employees. We sincerely hope that every employee's family can grow up healthily and live a happy life.

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