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  • Markcare® Edible Ink Marker Vs. Other Brand

    The edible marker is a popular product in the baking industry in recent years, because it is widely used to paint edible decorations on icing cookies, fondant cakes, marshmallows, candy lollipops, Easter Egg and so on. It also can be used to do DIY crafts for children, because the ink is food-grade.

  • Cake frosting paper decoration application

    The emergence of digital cakes and photo cakes provides a rich creative solution for personalized products in the cake shop. Hajiya's frosting paper has higher mechanical properties and softer taste than ordinary glutinous rice paper. It is a high-end icing paper produced in China. The industrial plant of Haijiya meets the large production needs of customers and provides printing services through edible ink or ink. Precise cutting service, meticulous packaging service, directly tear the underlying film when used, and spread it on the cream layer of the cake. All types of cream are suitable. Improve product quality and increase product interest.

  • An edible film that can be eaten, a cupcake cake decorative film

    The edible packaging film we are talking about is a kind of natural edible biomacromolecules as the main matrix, supplemented by food additives, etc., through a certain treatment process, the interaction between the film-forming agent molecules and after drying A dense film with a certain mechanical properties and a porous network structure selected for permeability.

  • Cake decoration film, opening a new era of food beauty

    With the rapid development of the economy, the Chinese have a hunger-and-taste aesthetic. How many products and designs that “can’t bear to look straight” are ruining our lives. The esthetician Zhang Shiying said: "Life has four realms: wanting the realm, seeking knowledge, moral realm, and aesthetic realm. Aesthetics is the highest realm."

  • The Difference Between Filmcare™ Edible Paper and Icing Paper

    Cake decoration is an interesting topic. If you like baking, you must like to make your cake looks pretty and tastes good, even you are not a professional baking master yet. It's a pleasure. But not everyone have good talents and skills for baking, or sometimes backeries also need some special cr

  • Food Grade Inks Increase the Safety of Paper Tablewares, Cups, and Straws

    The environment-friendly paper tableware is replacing plastic tableware. No matter how your coffee or food yummy, the safety of the disposable tableware is crucial, and most of the consumers will consider the food safety. Printing is essential for beautifying and branding on paper cups, bowls, straw

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