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Edible paper

These are related to the Edible paper news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Edible paper, to help you better understand and expand Edible paper market. Because the market for Edible paper is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Drink topper, a secret weapon to help tea drinking companies sell up

    Drink topper, also known as beverage decoration tablet, prints edible patterns on the candy film, which can be used for coffee, milk tea, milk, juice, beer and other drinks to add a full sense of ritual to the drink. The creativity and diversity of Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology are all based on sustainable development and food safety. The beverage drink topper we launched provide a new track for various tea light food enterprises to optimize product iteration and increase sales: the collision of beverage drink topper and drinks can satisfy consumers' infinite imagination of drinks and stimulate purchasing behavior. In terms of types, the color of the beverage float lets people pick the eye, there are brilliant colorful "petals", it seems to have a thick flower aroma, and the mood also follows the colorful; With the cool fashion elements of Generation Z, holding a glass with a drink float, chasing a tide party and becoming the focus of the crowd; There are all kinds of celebration

  • New packaging for edible paper is coming soon

    This time, we have launched a brand new packaging of edible paper for you to bring a new experience!

  • How to Use Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

    Does the monochrome of chocolate always make you want you to add a pattern to it? Or you may run a dessert industry and want to sell chocolates with colorful patterns or brand logo. Even you just want to decorate your own chocolate as a kind of interesting experience from home. No matter what your i

  • How to Choose the Suitable Edible Paper to Decorate Lollipop or Cookie?

    When we deside to make photo, cartoon, Tv series themed, and starry sky lollipop, the choice of edible paper may trouble you. How to choose the suitable edible paper to your lollipop? First of all, the color retention of edible paper is very important. Otherwise, it is unavailing even the picture

  • The Difference Between Filmcare™ Edible Paper and Icing Paper

    Cake decoration is an interesting topic. If you like baking, you must like to make your cake looks pretty and tastes good, even you are not a professional baking master yet. It's a pleasure. But not everyone have good talents and skills for baking, or sometimes backeries also need some special cr

  • Edible Paper— Make Food More Fun

    Edible Paper— Make Food More Fun Have you ever thought that food can become colorful one day? Have you ever thought about how to have a higher added value for a product? And do you want to have food that is unique to you? If the answer is affirmative, then you must not miss this product

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